A Message from Our CEO

Please see below an important new announcement from our Chief Exec Dave Green.

Dear Member

I realise this is out of the blue and you may receive this email more than once, my apologies if you do. I wanted to make this public before the Trustee’s begin the process of finding the next CEO, so please read on.

Pro-Action Hertfordshire is an amazing charity, which has made a difference to the lives of young people through some awesome leaders, building on the heritage of many years. It has been an honour to serve as both a trustee and, for over 6 years as the CEO. Since Pro-Action was formed the world of youth and children’s work has changed (without looking back even further), unfortunately there is more pressure upon the young in society and, even after many years of being part of discussions about raising the voice of young people, in so many places that voice is still not given the value it deserves.  The big changes have been around priorities of government both national and local and the reality that young people are seen as a problem to solve, rather than those moving from childhood to adulthood and doing so with our support.

My passion to see young people grow in character and skills has not changed, but as this year I hit 65, in agreement with the Trustee Board, believe that it is the right time for me to step aside and assist Pro-Action to find someone to lead the charity into the next stage of its life. Whilst I haven’t decided on my next focus I have a number of things beginning to open up and the plan is that I retire from Pro-Action towards the end of this year.

A response from the Trustee Board:

“Dave is widely known and respected by all the organisations and people that he has dealt with across the county and wider. In the past six years the Trustees have admired Dave's hard work and resilience during some very difficult times for both Pro-Action and for himself. We all believe that through his dedication he has made a huge contribution to the lives of young people in Hertfordshire and we have been privileged to work with him so closely. At all times he has shown that openness, candour and honesty are the hallmarks of his business philosophy. Our gratitude and best wishes are extended to Dave and his family for a long and happy retirement together with success in any new ventures that he pursues.

The Trustees will now begin a search for Dave's replacement to ensure a smooth transition and also continue to develop our fund raising developments that are essential to the future success of Pro-Action”.

There will be plenty of time to say nice things about each other, but I am around for a few more months and there is still a lot to do. The needs of young people and children are highlighted across our national and local news. I am aware that you are making a difference and encourage you to keep on doing so, even when the hill you climb daily feels like a mountain!

With my best wishes



Chief Executive Officer

Pro-Action Herts