YAMA Variety Show May 2017 image

Alexander Santarpiam exhibiting his guitar skills

Saturday 6th May saw the first ever YAMA Variety Show hosted at Hertford Theatre...and what a night it was.  The evening comprised of entertainment, musical and perorming arts, from a variety of performers, young and old, though mainly young, from Hertfordshire.  We had an 8 year old rockstar and little gymnasts, as well as semi-professional performances from youth theatre and dance companies.  The seats were packed, and the audience were not only entertained by the many performers, but were also able to watch the story of Pro-Action unfold on the big screen with mini-video interviews and stories.

Our talented performers were:

Toby Meekcoms the magician.  We were amazed and astonished at his trickery in the foyer before the show began.

Fergus , a singer and guitar player, singing one of his own original and emotive pieces.  

The astounding String Evolution; Archie and Harvey Blackaby are classically trained musicians, and they played a medley of music and pop songs that really opened our minds to the versatility of string instruments.

Gabrielle Thompson, a singer-songwriter who has been writing and performing around the world for over 10 years. She has played at various venues around London, including two solo performances at The Royal Albert Hall and performed beautifully at our show.

Fixation Theatre Company's Children's Theatre, made up of little children,  performed a skit from Alice in Wonderland.   

Max Carroll displayed his magic, specialising in card tricks during the interval in the foyer..  

Future Talents of Annie-May Page, an exceptional violinist & Alexander Santarpiam, the astonishing 8 year old rock star, who plays guitar and has recently taken his LLCM performance diploma.  !

Unity Dance Company, Hertfordshire-based and teaches multiple styles of dance with a focus on the fun of getting active through dance. 

The Little Gymnastics Academy,  a new gymnastics club based in Hitchin and a Pro-Action member had children from 5 to 11 performing their routine on stage for us.  

Ruby Clark, an 11 year old singing sensation, who has been singing from the moment she could talk.  She attends a member youth club of ours and performed a spine tingling rendition Somewhere Only We Know.

The Phoenix Group for Deaf Children and Young People performed an emotionally evocative signed version of the song Scars to your Beautiful.

Haileybury Lower School Choir and Chamber Choir are two of a number of vocal ensembles offered by Haileybury.  The choirs performed hauntingly under the direction of Andrew O’Brien.  

   Youth Create’s Workshop & Funshop, a performing and creative arts development theatre based in Sawbridgeworth. 

Rory Purvis, currently in his last year at the RNCM in Manchester, Rory has been playing the clarinet for almost 14 years and aspires to play for one of the leading UK orchestras in the near future, his melodies were beautiful.

Tamsin Morrissey, 21, has been dancing for 15 years.  She started at an after-school club and progressed to dancing for the Queen, sharing the stage with Diversity and completing a diploma at College. She performed a solo modern art piece.

Georgie Braggins, local star, has been singing jazz professionally for 6 years, and has sung in all environments from intimate historic jazz clubs to weddings and theatres.  She performed a piece of her own, showcasing her jazz skills.