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Life as a Motivational Speaker

May 28, 2019


In a nutshell, I didn’t realise I was that interesting! But I think we ALL are in some ways. I have been a motivational speaker now for over five years after getting initially roped into it by partner agencies such as the Prince’s Trust to inspire young people, by sharing valuable life experiences that resonate with them. The main ethos for motivational speaking is to be totally honest and open, whilst harnessing your talks for the individuals of a group to relate with.

I have delivered the talks at youth projects, including gang settings and in prisons, sometimes working with a colleague who is an ex-offender. The most successful method is to ask young people about their hopes and aspirations, to find out what inspires them and harness your talk to reflect the parts of your life experiences that are most relevant to them. I believe that we all have a genius, something that we excel in, that sometimes gets missed, or neglected in the education system, which isn’t a criticism but in most cases it’s understandably uniform to teach the masses. I help them to tap into this gift and work on it to maximise their potential.

My talks include aspects of growing up in a socially deprived background, gang culture, mental health, social and business entrepreneurial elements. Instilling hope, belief and resilience to inspire young people on to greater things, which often needs more mentoring support that we can offer. Basically, if I can do it, you can do it! Life can be a rollercoaster but it’s certainly fun getting there!

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