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Pro-Action Survival: Not even Covid-19 can stop us!

Apr 20, 2020

Children And Young People

As we enter the 4th week of Covid-19 lockdown the Pro-Action Team, Tracy, Sue and Abby, reflect on the survival of Pro-Action and what we plan to offer our members in a future beyond the virus.

The Pro-Action Alliance

The Pro-Action team are keen to provide a service that is current and flexible to help all our members move with the changing times we live in. Albeit a bit delayed by the current circumstances, we are launching a ‘new look’ offer to members called ‘The Pro-Action Alliance’ commencing on the 1st September 2020. Memberships will continue to be offered on an annual basis and you will be invited to become an alliance member during August 2020 when applications to join our Hertfordshire wide Children and Youth sector movement will begin.

Support, Information and Links

In the meantime, as for many organisations we have taken the decision to furlough 2 members of the team and maintain some back office and basic communications arrangements. If you have an urgent matter, have a question you need answering or would like some guidance please visit our website ( for useful links, resources for Wellbeing and Resilience and the latest updates available to us. Our main email account will be monitored during this period so please get in touch if you need help. Email:

DBS Arrangements & Planned Training

We are no longer offering paper DBS checks due to the move to online services and the demand for paper DBS checks has reduced significantly. We will continue to offer access to our online system with GBG as part of your membership. GBG has an easy to use dashboard, operational efficiency and 99.9% success rate. Email to get signed up to process all your future DBS checks. We have planned training dates for September & October 2020 that are subject to booking venues and lockdown restrictions being lifted. Check out our training page for further details.

Although, a smaller team our strength, commitment, passion and support for you, our members, remains the same. Our members continue to motivate us and guide the direction in which we travel together, so please tell us if there are things that you need. We may not always be able to provide things directly, but we have excellent links, contacts and partners and a wide membership to signpost to and from.

We look forward to nurturing and building ‘The Pro-Action Alliance’ with you.

Tracy, Sue and Abby

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