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Safeguarding & Compliance - Let's do it together!

Jul 08, 2019


Hi all, if we haven’t met, I am Abby and I am here to support you with everything Safeguarding related, as Pro-Action’s Safeguarding and Compliance Lead. Safeguarding is a rather ‘big’ and for some ‘scary’ topic that is forever changing, with many overlaps to other aspects of your organisation and that’s where we come in and where we can support you.  We all have a duty of care for those in our care and we are all working towards the joint aim of providing the best for Children and Young People in Hertfordshire, so let’s do it together!

My role as Safeguarding and Compliance Lead includes a whole range of duties and responsibilities.

  • I conduct and support DBS checks, whether this is the paper or online system, training our members and solving any problems.
  • Work closely with our Quality Assurance Lead to ensure that our members are meeting requirements through New Member Visits and undertaking Quality Marks.
  • Communicate any safeguarding legislative or County changes to our members.
  • Producing safeguarding help sheets and safeguarding info to our members via bulletins.
  • Support with safeguarding policy templates, risk assessments and general safeguarding procedures.
  • Ensure that Safeguarding is at the forefront of everything we do to ensure safety and protection for the C&YP we work with.
  • Provide training for our members.

What can you do to ensure you are adhering to safeguarding standards?

  • As members, the best way you can ensure you are adhering to safeguarding standards is by reading our bulletins as they contain safeguarding info. You can put any changes into practice any keep up to date with legislative changes.
  • The Ambition Quality Mark is a fantastic journey to take as it will support you in the day to day running of your organisation, make you think of things that haven’t been thought of and of course highlight your strengths. One of the Ambition modules is all about safeguarding and by completing the quality marks, will ensure that you are adhering to safeguarding standards and if you aren’t currently, then not to worry, that’s where we can help and support you by providing you with templates and suggestions.
  • Review your safeguarding policies and procedures regularly and make safeguarding the top thing on your agenda by getting everyone involved. Think about safer recruitment, conducting and checking DBS check, references, supervisories and regularly training. 
  • If we request any info or documents from you, get involved with this as it will be needed to help and support you further.
  • Attend training that we hold and ensure Continued Professional Development (CPD) of your team, such as signing up to our Noodle Offer. This will equip your team with up to date knowledge and skills that will benefit your organisation.

If you need anything, simply contact me; I am always available for support, so if you have a question just ask; as we will know the answer, or will be able to find out, or point you in the right direction and can sort things out together.

Mob: 07557562605