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Engage North Herts

Aug 01, 2019

Engage Nh

The Community Engagement Team here at North Herts District Council have been in the process of creating a Facebook group for the past couple of months.

They are pleased to let you know that the group went live yesterday afternoon and they would really appreciate if you supported it by joining.

You can find it by searching ‘Engage North Herts’ in your Facebook search bar or by clicking here:

The purpose of the group is to act as a signposting tool for the community of North Herts to access. As well their team sharing information and events they hope that local residents or groups will keep them updated on what’s happening in their neighbourhood. They hope that the group will be a hub of activity, inspiring and enabling residents and local businesses to have a positive impact on all our daily lives.

Please feel free to share your events, projects and resources on the group and be sure to invite others too.