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Generation Z want to become trustees - they just don't know how

Dec 04, 2019

Gen Z

Specialist insurer Ecclesiastical, along with Getting on Board and the Young Trustees Movement, have conducted research with 500 people aged 18-24 (post-Millennial age group dubbed 'Gen Z') which indicates that a low proportion of young trustees is more a symptom of lack of knowledge than lack of interest. 

The survey results tell us 'the good news for charities is that, once the role was explained, almost a quarter (24%) of those surveyed said they would consider becoming one, presenting a major opportunity to charities in the midst of a trustee recruitment crisis.' The benefits of becoming a trustee are, of course, many and varied, with employability and skill development some key drivers that charities can call on to encourage Gen Z in particular, alongside enthusiasm around having a positive social impact. 

The conclusion reached is that the sector needs to do more to inform and attract young trustees. Check out the main report and Charity Times summary