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Image sharing: resources for teens and parents

May 13, 2019

Think You Know

New for teens: When nudes get shared

We know that professionals often have to deal with cases of nude or semi-nude images being shared amongst schools and groups of friends. We want young people to understand that it's unacceptable for anyone to share an image in this way. Share our new article with secondary-aged pupils to help them understand that it's wrong to share a nude image of someone else, and what to do if an image is being shared around.

New for parents: 7 questions parents ask about nude selfies

Many parents ask us about young people taking and sharing revealing pics of themselves. In our new article, we answer 7 of the most frequently asked questions with the best advice on keeping children safe.  Why not share this article and our four animated films with parents to help them to understand why young people take and share nude selfies, and how to support their child if an image has been shared.