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May 31, 2019

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In response to Member feedback we have been looking at ways to increase our training offer.  As a result we have booked a number of new courses to add to our core training programme that can be accessed here.  

Face-to-face training is the only way we can ensure our learners are engaged and really taking on board the material and skills they are being taught.  We use expert trainers and quality assure regularly to ensure our courses meet the needs and deliver the expected learning outcomes.  This is vital when we are teaching staff and volunteers in the areas of safeguarding children and young people, emergency first aid and mental health first aid, as these are skills expected to be used daily in our work and without discussion and example based learning are not effectively realised.

However, we are aware that there are other courses that can be completed easily online without jeopardising the quality of our Member's work with young people, and would be beneficial to Members.

Therefore, we are now working with online providers Noodle Now! and identifying suitable training courses that can be learnt online without losing quality in our key focus areas.  We hope to launch a new member offer soon so... ***WATCH THIS SPACE***