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Modern Slavery/ CSE / Human trafficking process has moved to online

Sep 20, 2019


The new digital National Referral Mechanism (NRM) process for the referral of potential victims of modern slavery and human trafficking is now available.

The Home Office has confirmed that the new digital process for NRM/DTN (Duty to Notify) referrals is available nationally now.

This same process is to be used for NRMs and DTNs and whether the victim is an adult or child, as the form options presented will change dependent on information submitted. The new form can be accessed through the following link:

Using the on-line NRM/DTN form requires email validation, so the user will be asked to initially submit their work email address and will then receive a link to complete the form. Having completed and submitted the form, users will then be sent a further link to download a copy of their submission. Once a submission is received by the Home Office, each case will be assigned a reference number which will also be emailed by return.

Should further information subsequently become available that would be helpful in making a decision about whether the subject of the case is a victim of modern slavery, it is important that this additional information is emailed to with the reference number in the subject line.

Users can get in touch with the Home Office team at:

Where users do not have access to the internet when completing the form, an offline prompt sheet has been created that can be used to collect information which can subsequently be used to complete the online form: