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safeTalk Suicide Awareness Training

Apr 30, 2019

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safeTALK is a half-day training in suicide alertness. It helps participants recognize a person with thoughts of suicide and connect them with resources who can help them in choosing to live. 

Participants don’t need any formal preparation to attend the training—anyone age 15 or older who wants to make a difference can learn the safeTALK steps.

FOCUS: Suicide alertness training for the community

DURATION: 3 hours–4 hours (half a day)

TRAINERS: One trainer and one community resource person per 15–30 participants

safeTALK is a training developed by LivingWorks Education, a leading world provider of suicide intervention training. Each safeTALK is facilitated by a trainer who has completed the two-day safeTALK Training for Trainers (T4T) course. Trainers use internationally standardized learning materials, including a diverse selection of paired alert and nonalert vignettes.

A listing of registered trainers can be found at under 'Find a Trainer'.

You can also download the safeTALK info sheet for more information.