Pro-Action Awards 2019


Pro-Action will be holding our Awards Evening on Thursday 27 June 2019 at the Fielder Centre in Hatfield.

Members are invited to recognise and reward their volunteers and staff by nominating them now for an award.

The Pro-Action Awards are all about appreciating and celebrating the incredible work done with children and young people in communities across Hertfordshire. Thousands of volunteer children and youth workers run clubs and groups every week. They spend hours talking and listening to children and young people, just hanging out. They don't just give their time, they give themselves.

We know how important it is to encourage each other and that's why these Awards exist. By highlighting just a few of those doing youth and children’s work, we hope we'll inspire and encourage us all.

The Awards are about giving profile to creative, innovative and passionate youth and children’s work. By nominating, you're helping us to spread the word about the very best that's going on in the Hertfordshire Community. Who knows, your nomination, and the story behind it, might inspire someone else to begin working with young people!  The Awards are also about promoting great and passionate youth work, so although there will be winners in each category, we hope that their stories will inspire and encourage others!

Nominations are open now!

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