AQ First Steps

AQ First Steps is a great place to start for any group that has never worked towards a quality standard before.  It fulfils the basic requirements expected of any organisation working with children and young people to demonstrate safe, equitable and legal practice. This framework provides minimum operating standards for the sector and has been designed to;

  • Provide a simple, clear structure to recognise and develop quality provision
  • Achieve lasting improvements to practice and management
  • Improve individual and organisational confidence in the delivery and management of services
  • Evidence the quality of services being delivered to children and young people
  • Involve children and young people in the process of quality provision

Evidence is collected in an electronic format on your secure Pro-Action Membership portal.


Sections covered in the First Steps award are; Programme, Policy and Procedure.  There are between 5 and 8 standards within each section of this award, which require evidence of your practice.