Online DBS Facility

Pro-Action also offer Members an online DBS facility. 

This facility eliminates the need for visits to our office or visits from our team, so is a time efficient and cost effective way to complete DBS’s for your team.  

The DBS form is completed online by the applicant.  Mistakes are spotted instantly, and the form cannot be submitted until the correct information is input.  Following this, 1 person at the organisation checks the evidence (this evidence checker will be trained by Pro-Action) and payment is made online at the time of submission:

  • Paid Staff: £40 + £11.40 admin = £51.40
  • Volunteers: £0 + £11.40  admin = £11.40

No paper, no errors, no travelling and no invoices or delays in payment or processing!

Get in touch with the Membership Team now to get set up!  Email or call 01707 276859.