Online Training

For other training needs, including courses that we do not currently offer, please have a look at what partner organisations have available here.

ELAS On-Line Training:


In the modern, fast paced workplace, professional development can be a time consuming and, at times, a costly process. That’s why the experts at the ELAS Group have taken the time to create our own range of cost effective e-learning courses. Covering all key aspects of employment law, health and safety, food safety and much much more, our e-learning courses will help your business ensure that they remain compliant with the ever changing industry legislation as well as giving you the knowledge that your staff are trained to the highest standard to enable them to carry out their jobs to the best of their abilities.


Level 1 Health & Safety - £15

Level 1 Food Safety - £15

Level 2 Food Safety - £15

Equality & Discrimination - £10

Fire Safety Awareness - £10