Wellbeing & Resilience

As an organisation we have responded to the growing requests to provide support in understanding how youth and children’s workers could best assist young people facing challenges around mental health. Members of our team are trained to deliver Youth Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) 2 day courses and the 1 day course.

Currently the demand for the MHFA Youth Course is high and we have received some funding to support our deliver of this to the child and young people's workforce in Hertfordshire. 

For the future we will:

  • Continue to provide training for those working with children and young people in various settings
  • Pilot and develop, as appropriate work with partners into schools, which enables local partners to continue support once we have delivered training
  • Develop, as part of direct work with young people appropriate sessions and responses to equip young people to support themselves more effectively, but also be able to support their friends

We will achieve this by:

  • Continuing to offer MHFA courses using both our own and external trainers, to meet demand
  • Working with identified partners in areas of the county to deliver a cohesive offer to schools, using grant funds plus contributions from schools
  • Developing, as part of the Youth Opportunities programme, appropriate sessions and responses to build resilience in member groups
  • Seeking grant funding for the development of this key area of work