Young Person's Photography Competition 2019

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Submission for entries is now CLOSED.

YAMA Young Person’s Photography Competition

A passion for photography often starts at a young age. The YAMA Young Person’s Photography Competition, for all young people aged 5-19 living in Hertfordshire, recognises this next generation of talented young people who may have an interest in or enjoy taking photos, on their phones, tablets or even using traditional cameras!

The Brief: Culture & My Community 

The judges want to view the world as seen through the eyes of young people.  

Culture is defined as ‘the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time’ by the Cambridge Dictionary.

Brittanica Kids, describes the term as ‘Culture is a pattern of behaviour shared by a society, or group of people. Many different things make up a society's culture. These things include food, language, clothing, tools, music, arts, customs, beliefs, and religion’

For this year’s competition, in one single image, the judges would like you to photograph your view or perception of culture, within your community or around your community.

This could be a celebration, an object, a building, or even people (with their permission).  Please photograph something that reflects culture where you live or within your community.

Please see below for full terms and conditions.

Please visit here for information on last years competition winners.

Finalists will be selected and invited to our Pro-Action Annual Awards Evening at the Fielder Centre, Hatfield on Thursday 27 June 2019.  Winners in each age category will receive an £100 Amazon gift card.

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