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At Pro-Action we work with our Partners and Members to create a range projects and activities for children and young people in Hertfordshire. We also hold events throughout the year open to the public to help with fundraising and raising awareness abut issues affecting young people in the county.

Our shared projects are located all across Hertfordshire and offer a variety of different activities such as  sports, mentoring and workshops. 

We aim to produce activities that will enable young people to develop lifelong skills such as leadership, resilience and teamwork. Our goal is to help children and young people build up confidence and explore interests that will help them to pursue their goals and mature in to co-operative and well rounded adults.

Here are examples of some of the successful projects that we have run so far. 

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Clarion Housing Group – This is one of our major partners who have kindly provided us with funding to run projects across Hertfordshire. The projects include multi-sports and training for volunteers, including The Borehamwood Moonlight Project, which is run by our Member Sporting Inspirations CIC.

The Borehamwood Moonlight Project is aimed at young people aged 11-19 and is held every Friday at the Boreham Wood Football Club. Here, young people can have fun and participate in dance, fashion and football. The Borehamwood Moonlight Project alongside the now finished Us Girls Can Rock Project, were chosen finalists at the StreetGames National Awards in 2013. 

Watch what young people have to say about the project here.

If you are looking for things to do on Friday evening them come along to The Borehamwood Moonlight Project from 8:30pm-10:30pm at the Boreham Woof FC Astroturf Pitch, Broughinge Rd, WD6 5AL. 

Notting Hill Genesis – We have received funding from one of our main housing association partners to run 2 projects and an event, FunAction Day, in Stevenage. Our programmes focus on multi-sports and training for volunteers.

We held the one-off event, FunAction day, during the summer holidays on 30 and 31 August 2018. Children and young people aged 8-18 were encouraged to get involved in a variety of workshops and activities promoting health, fitness and wellbeing. 

The Park Session: Callisthenics, was run to help young people learn the importance of health and fitness and improve their confidence. Callisthenics is a type of exercise that makes use of the whole body and is known to improve endurance, total fitness level, and sports performance. Run by Anton from Bar Warriors, young people were able to develop skills in leaderships, team work and self-discipline by partaking in this supervised regime.   

The Mentoring workshop for children and young people provided a safe place for participants to meet and interact through physical activity. The workshop applied knowledge of sport and fitness to examine areas of growing up, including discussing mental health and wellbeing and the transition between adolescence and adulthood. 

Session topics included: Healthy eating, cooking healthy snacks, mindfulness, problem-solving, life skills, fears and school transitions.

The Mentoring Workshop helped young people to engage in new experiences, meet new people and ultimately raise their self-esteem.  

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Pictured above are the Stevenage Haven Boxercise Group.

Satellite Clubs – We have set up 3 to transform the lives of homeless young people at three sites in Hertfordshire working with member and partner organisations. This is funded via Sport England via one of our key partners Herts Sports Partnership. Project delivery includes multi-sports, mentoring and training.

One of our recent satellite club, ‘Lead + Leap’ was launched on Tuesday 11 September 2018 for young people aged 16+ at the Jim Macdonald Centre in Hatfield. For free, young people can engage in a variety of sports including Dodgeball, Handball and Uni Hockey. Young people also have the opportunity to lead their own sessions, with the support of youth leaders, helping them to develop leadership and interpersonal skills. 

If you are interested in popping along to 'Lead +  Leap' then join in every Tuesday from 5:30-7:30pm at the JIm McDonald Centre, Hatfield, AL10 8HR.

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Pictured above are the young people participating in the East Herts Healthy Herts Project.

Tesco Bags of Help -  This source of funding has helped to run our Healthy Herts multi-sports holiday programme in Hertford and October Half Term provision for Borehamwood Moonlight in partnership with some of our member organisations.

The Healthy Herts: Hertford Free Outdoor Fun Project ran during October Half Term 2018. Held in Sele, children aged 6-12 years old will have the opportunity to engage in an exciting variety of StreetGames Style sports activities and games! These include: Basketball, cricket, dodgeball, Badminton Mash Up, Street Gold, Athletics and Rounders. 

Children are encouraged to partake in sports that promote health and fitness and improve their confidence and wellbeing. Just as importantly they will have the chance to make new friends, have fun and develop a new hobby.


Project Y

 Our key partnership team consisted of Pro-Action Herts, Broxbourne & East Herts CVS, Sporting Inspirations CIC and YC Hertfordshire. We identified that there was a significant lack of opportunities for young people living on the Sele Estate in Hertford. This project aimed to address this issue by upskilling young people who could then support other individuals and groups within their local community. In addition, the young people who participated in this project learnt new skills, built up their confidence and resilience, and this has ultimately given them skills to enhance their employment opportunities in the future. From an initial target of 30 young people, 52 individuals attended from ages 11-19. Most of them participated in the multi-sports, health and well-being element, but a core group of young people attended our mentoring programme and are embarking on our training programmes to become volunteers. Some of the young people will be embarking on  traineeships in the new year.

 This project helped to enable healthier lifestyle outcomes by providing sporting activities, advice, support and training opportunities to local young people who are now in a better position to give something back to their local community.

Awards For All – Funding has sponsored a weekly multi-sports programme in Hatfield working in partnership with Herts Young Homeless and links up with their amazing Live Life project and our prize giving event.


Peter Cruddas – Successful funding for £10,000K to deliver training and linking up with the Prince’s Trust Hertfordshire and Herts Fire Service to support young people after their 12-week training programme.

Team is a 12 week programme aimed at unemployed young people aged 16-25 who are looking to meet new people, develop new skills and take qualifications. Those who get involved have the chance to take on their own community group project, take part in an action-packed residential trip and develop English and Maths skills.  Young people will then be able to incorporate their experiences when building their CV and interview skills towards seeking employment. 

Herts Fire Service offers those partaking in the 12 week programme opportunities to engage in work experience and activities held at the residential trips. Those who complete the programme are then given further mentoring and support by a case worker towards making those next steps. 

Charity Quiz Night-In partnership with Herts Young Homeless we held our first joint charity quiz night on Friday 12 October 2018 at The Great Dutch Market Place. 

The event started 7pm aiming for the quiz to begin at 7:30pm. Ticket were £7 a person with a maximum of 8 people per team. 

Quizzers taken through seven rounds including a Music A-Z round, Riddles and a Famous John’s round.  It was a fantastic night meeting up with our Partners, Members and Trustees on what turned out to be a very fun and informative event. The winners of the quiz were given a bottle of wine each to take home with them. We also held a raffle prize were lucky winners grabbed hold of a range of tasty chocolates and more wine! Thank you to everyone who made contributions towards the event.